Protecting intellectual property in San Diego is an important task for any business owner or corporation.  What is intellectual property and how is it protected?  Intellectual property can be generally described as anything created by human intelligence which is original and unique.  Examples in this context would include business names, trademarks, logos, slogans, brand names, symbols or mascots, as well as media such as video, documents and even music.  Intellectual property can be related to a process, a widget or an idea.  Usually intellectual property is something that is a product of the company’s work, and it becomes a corporate asset.

The process of securing a trademark, copyright, patent or registration of intellectual property begins with research.  The experienced intellectual property attorneys at Allen Barron work to ensure that the idea or concept has not already been recorded or registered by someone else.  If the desired name is already reserved, we can determine if the intellectual property associated with it is in use.  Intellectual property owners are required to protect the integrity of their trademark, copyright or patent against infringement.  The failure to do so can weaken or open the previously registered item(s) for review.  In some cases it may be a simple negotiation with the existing owner.  In others, the existence of previously registered concepts may require alteration or a different tact altogether.

Once intellectual property has been submitted to the appropriate agency, a notice is given which provides all parties an opportunity to challenge the proposed protections.  After a pre-determined period of time the agency issues the trademark, copyright or patent and work shifts to the defense and protection of your property against illegal use, poaching or infringement.  Intellectual property can be licensed to create a new profitable source of income.

Intellectual property may be the greatest asset a company or business owns.  It may be necessary to separate intellectual property from the corporation or business entity who owns it in order to preserve it while the company is sold.  This is why protecting intellectual property in San Diego is an important legal issue for any business or corporation.  Intellectual property is a complex area of law and requires the expertise of Allen Barron’s seasoned business legal team.  We invite you to contact us at 866-631-3470 for a free consultation.

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