A recent article in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) notes regulatory and technical accounting expertise is in short supply across the nation.  WSJ noted US businesses were “increasingly scrambling to find regulatory experts or “technical accountants” who understand rules and ensure compliance amid accounting changes to the generally accepted accounting principles that govern U.S. financial reporting.”

Allen Barron is uniquely structured to provide these services to local, regional, national and international businesses and their ownership here in San Diego and across the Southwest United States.  Our single-source business, legal, tax and accounting expertise provides our clients with informed insight into the complex challenges facing American business owners today.  Traditionally, business owners must turn to different professional disciplines to structure their businesses and comply with federal and international regulatory challenges and international law.  The rules of business change in every different country you enter.  What is the best way to structure your corporate entities and how shall income be realized and ultimately taxed?

What impact will a given decision make upon your operations here in San Diego, or the organization of entities you control around the world?  The quality of your regulatory and technical accounting expertise informed by business experience and legal tax insights will separate those who are able to effectively compete in the coming years.

Traditionally, these questions would be parsed out to multiple professionals such as a business attorney, business consultants, tax accounts, tax attorneys, CPAs and other accounting professionals who would all attempt to provide an answer based upon their limited perspective on the issue.  Allen Barron provides a much broader and more comprehensive view into your business itself, as well as the challenges you face.  We understand how each discipline integrates to inform our business clients from a much broader and more thorough perspective.  This allows you to make better decisions, more informed decisions.

The WSJ article went on to note that US companies must compete with large accounting and legal entities for professionals with the experience and expertise to integrate new government rules, tax laws and related accounting procedures.  The article noted “The shrinking pool of available accountants is putting pressure on companies as they begin to apply new Financial Accounting Standards Board rules. The changes affect the way firms book revenue and report the value of leases held on their balance sheets.”

Leverage the economies of scale of partnering with Allen Barron, who is prepared to integrate many of these disciplines in a single-source vendor.  We invite you to contact Allen Barron for a free consultation at 866-631-3470 to learn about our unique approach to business, accounting, tax and legal services.  Regulatory and technical accounting expertise may be in short supply, but Allen Barron has the experience and expertise to support your business operations and objectives while helping to you to comply with new federal regulations and accounting rules.

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