Allen Barron is a business partner for the life cycle of your San Diego business from start-up to selling your business and every step between.  Allen Barron’s integrated business advisory, legal, tax and accounting services support your company at each step of its growth.  We help you to avoid the challenges which set other businesses back, while leveraging your strengths to reach new markets and opportunities.

The foundation of any business is a sound business strategy.  Recently, CNN noted that California’s small to mid-sized business failure rate is more than two-thirds higher than the national average.  It’s a competitive, ever-changing business world and your company needs a strong strategy to guide you through each step of the business life cycle:

  • Start-up
  • Growth
  • Additional Investment
  • Acquisitions, Licensing IP to New Markets
  • Business Disputes and Litigation
  • Selling a Business

What actions can you take to ensure your company is one of the small percentage of businesses who survive?  Allen Barron helps you to ask the right questions and put processes and systems in place to accomplish your goals.  A sound strategy is executed through your business operations.  The operational aspect of all businesses is the engine driving the company, where the “rubber meets the road.”  You will require the input of many professionals along the way.  Business contracts establish the foundation for success in all areas of business from relationships with employees, suppliers and customers to the transactions you enter into.  Tax and accounting professionals help to establish the procedures and systems which capture crucial information throughout your business which informs critical business decisions while reducing the burden of domestic and international taxation.

Allen Barron is a unique business partner which combines these diverse disciplines into a single valuable business partner for the life cycle of your San Diego business or venture.  We invite you to contact us or call 866-631-3470 for a free consultation to learn more about the integrated services we can provide at every step of your business journey and how we can help to ensure a successful outcome.  Download our free business white paper “The Life Cycle of Business

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