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Allen Barron Announces New Commercial and Business Litigation Services

Allen Barron announces new commercial and business litigation services to complement our integrated legal services, tax, accounting and business advisory teams.  Allen Barron provides an integrated team of professionals who can solve any problem, provide detailed expert analysis for any opportunity or question and genuinely guide your business from formation through growth, mergers and acquisitions, commercial and business disputes and ultimately the sale of your company.

Our new commercial and business litigation services are designed specifically to resolve disputes and lawsuits in the most efficient manner possible.  Time is money, and contingent liability is a drag on any business, public or private.  We will handle all business and civil disputes including but not limited to:

Our proven team of trial attorneys will provide the new commercial and business litigation services as part of the offerings under the law firm of Janathan L. Allen, APC further enhancing the comprehensive palette of service offerings and value Allen Barron provides for its clients.

We invite you to contact us or call 866-631-3470 for a free consultation concerning any dispute or lawsuit.  Learn how our experienced professionals work to quickly get to the root of the dispute and negotiate a successful resolution which reflects your desired outcome(s).  Most business related disputes and lawsuits are resolved through effective negotiation.  Allen Barron’s new commercial and business litigation team will represent clients in mediation, arbitration, trial and in hearings before federal and state agencies.

Allen Barron is truly the only professional business partner your company will ever need.  The integration of these professional services raises the perspective with which we approach our client’s challenges and opportunities.  We can thoroughly analyze and discuss the impact of any decision, challenge, idea or acquisition and provide high-level perspective on how it will impact every aspect of your organization from an operational, production, sales and service, organizational, accounting and tax perspective.