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There are many reasons why entrepreneurs and business owners in the San Diego area regularly seek out the services of San Diego business lawyers. One of the most important reasons to have an attorney just a phone call away is to get sound business law advice when making critical decisions. With an experienced attorney on hand, it’s much less likely that business owners will share information or make decisions that may get them into hot water later on. Businesses might never know, for example, how important it is to be careful about what they put on their websites, if they don’t have legal counsel. This is one piece of information you don’t want coming as a surprise after the tax authorities have contacted you for an audit.

Even Your Website Can be used in an Audit

There are many areas where business owners and website designers can easily go astray, putting their organizations at risk during an audit. They may overstate how many employees they have, exaggerate their sales and income figures or list contractors as employees, for example, and find themselves being audited for that later on. Although websites are a marketing tool, they are also just as easily accessible to the IRS as to potential customers, and it’s important to be consistent with the facts and figures.

Get Help before an Audit

Clients often contact business lawyers in emergencies, such as after discovering that the IRS or other legal agencies are using information that they posted on their websites in an audit. This situation could have been avoided if the business owner sought counsel before posting the information in the first place. Once it gets to this point, the business may contact someone like Janathan L. Allen, APC, for legal counsel and advice as they move forward with their audit. According to the experts, however, it is much more sensible to have an attorney on hand before things get to this point.

It’s always preferable to find business lawyers before reaching the point of being audited, but if it’s too late for that, it’s vital to get help as soon as possible so the audit goes smoothly. With help from knowledgeable IRS and state tax experts, it’s possible to resolve conflicts such as these with local, state or federal tax agencies much more quickly and painlessly than you might imagine.

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