Business contracts are the foundation of business transactions, and ultimately dictate the success or failure of the business itself.   Allen Barron provides comprehensive business contract preparation and review services to help corporate clients and LLCs to protect their interests and improve the number of profitable successful transactions completed each year.  If you have consistent issues with customers paying their invoices, your business contracts may be a large part of the problem.

In essence, a sound business contract clearly establishes the responsibilities of each party to the agreement, as well as the “benefit of the bargain” each anticipates.  When a business uses a contract that is downloaded from a forms website, or copied off of the internet terms are general in nature and quite vague.  The intent of the parties is not clearly defined, and there is a lot of room for “interpretation.”  A judge must take the time to reconstruct the original intent of the parties, before the judge can rule on a dispute.  The process of going back and reconstructing what has happened is quite expensive, and requires hours of legal representation and negotiation.

Avoid the expense and distraction of most business disputes through well crafted business contracts.  A sound business contract clearly describes every aspect of the transaction, while anticipating foreseeable issues or disputes that may arise.  The contract should provide clear language that guides the parties through these issues or disputes resulting in a successfully completed transaction.

Business disputes, and the expensive litigation that usually follows are directly proportionate to the quality of the language in the contract governing the transaction at issue.  If your business contracts are professionally crafted, they leave little room for “interpretation” or misunderstanding.  If one of the parties fails to complete the transaction, the business contract should provide the other party with specific remedies and a clear path to resolution.

The business contract preparation and review services of Allen Barron will make you money, and repay themselves each and every time you complete a successful transaction.  We invite you to contact our experienced business contract attorneys for a free consultation at 866-631-3470. 



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