Do you have a business, legal, tax or financial reporting challenge?  The business climate today is fast-paced, complex and geographically diverse.  It is not unusual for a business owner or corporate executive to face broad ranging challenges from tax issues to finding new sources of investment and capital.  You may face challenges from another state or another country as your business grows across state lines or international boundaries.  As your business grows the nature of crucial business relationships with suppliers, customers and employees changes and becomes more complicated.  The challenges you face will grow in complexity as well.  In whom can you entrust your business challenges and problems?

Allen Barron’s clients value the ability to hand their problems to expert, efficient business professionals.  They can walk into our office, call us, text us or teleconference in and discuss their problems in private confidentiality with a firm that can and will help to resolve them.  The unique combination of genuine business experience, extensive tax and accounting expertise and a seasoned legal team ensure the best opportunity for a positive resolution.

The multi-disciplined approach to your problem or challenge ensures a complete and accurate answer.  We understand the nuances of every issue and the impact any decision can have upon the rest of your business model.  We understand that resolving the problem may encompass legal issues, tax implications and integrated business strategy.  Allen Barron’s team of professionals work efficiently to the core of any issue and provide sound counsel and options to answer your questions and/or solve your challenges.

How do you protect your company while bringing in new money and needed capital?  When do you cross the line of having “a little business” in a given state to the point of needing to register and report to that state?  What are the tax ramifications and business implications of purchasing an offshore or foreign corporation versus entering into a joint venture?  Should your next company be an LLC or corporation and how will it fit into your existing structure of companies and businesses?  How do you ensure you have the critical and accurate information necessary to inform all of your business decisions?

You can entrust your business challenges to Allen Barron knowing we have the experience, skill, expertise and insight to resolve them.  Our clients value the higher perspective we bring to each business discussion and the economies of scale of leveraging a single source provider of business, tax, legal and accounting knowledge.  We invite you to contact us for a free consultation at 866-631-3470.

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