Well, tax day is finally here and for last minute filers there is one more day as Federal and State tax returns are due tomorrow April 18.  Allen Barron provides on-going tax preparation and filing services for businesses and business owners, the self-employed and high income earners, as well as families and individuals throughout San Diego and across the Southwest.  Once tomorrow’s deadline passes we assist clients with ongoing business taxes and accounting, quarterly tax filings, and fiscal year tax planning.  We advise our business and individual clients on the best strategies to reduce tax liability while preserving as much income as possible while meeting federal and state tax laws.

We also provide advice and counsel for those facing substantial tax debt of more than $25,000.  If you owe the IRS or State of California for back taxes and are suffering from the draconian collection practices of federal and state tax collectors we can help.  We are often able to present alternative solutions to the IRS that the taxpayer would not otherwise achieve on their own.  The standard IRS cost of living worksheet is based upon one of the lowest income regions in the nation, and does not leave most Californians with enough to pay rent, let alone utilities and groceries.  We can help to put a stop to garnishment or a levy of your bank account, and provide options to resolve your tax collection issues with the IRS or California’s tax agencies.

International business brings a separate group of challenges for San Diego business owners.  Complex international tax issues as well as transfer pricing and FBAR reporting requirements that accompany signatory authority or influence over foreign bank or investment accounts.  The experienced tax attorneys and business lawyers and consultants are prepared to help your company to survive the turbulent challenges you face and position yourself for profitable success.

While Federal and State tax returns are due tomorrow the realities of business and taxation require continued service and vigilance.  We invite you to investigate the extensive services provided by Allen Barron and contact us for a free consultation at 866-631-3470.

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