One of the first questions a taxpayer will ask themselves after receiving a “Letter of Notification” from the IRS regarding an audit is “Do I need an attorney?”  How can an experienced San Diego IRS audit attorney help you, and is it worth the money it may cost?  The first piece of good news you may have received about your pending IRS audit is this:

You can receive a free guide on “What to Expect from an IRS Audit” and receive a complimentary consultation from an experienced and seasoned IRS and California tax attorney simply by calling 866-631-3470.

You may be wondering why you were selected for an IRS audit, or how to handle the process.  The most important thing you need to know is:

It is never in the best interest of a US taxpayer to speak directly with the IRS.

The biggest mistake most taxpayers make during an IRS audit is simply providing far too much information, or disclosing things in conversation with the IRS revenue officer in an attempt to get on their good side.  The taxpayer is trying be cooperative and come off as a “good person.”  The reality is far different.  Instead of getting on the good side of the IRS, the IRS revenue officer uses the information provided against the taxpayer to increase the scope of the audit and substantially increase the amount of the check owed to the IRS.  IRS revenue officers are trained interrogators.  They have a strategy for your audit, and a goal for the amount of the check they want you to write to the IRS.

The value of an experienced San Diego IRS audit attorney from Allen Barron can be measured in the significant amount you will actually save at the end of your audit, the substantial amount of time you would waste during your audit, and the peace of mind you gain knowing you are represented by one of the most expert and experienced IRS audit attorneys in the San Diego region.


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