Is the US the new tax haven now that the world is following international disclosure laws?  After pushing FATCA and international banking reporting requirements on more than 110 nations worldwide, the US is ironically resisting global disclosure standards.  This is much to the dismay of many former Swiss and european financial powerhouses how have recently established trust companies in Nevada.  Rothschild, one of the oldest European financial institutions is moving its wealthiest foreign clients out of offshore tax havens such as Bermuda into the company’s trusts in Nevada which are tax exempt.


Many financial interests in the far east and China are following suit.  San Diego is a prime market to help business owners from Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, and other Asian cities to move money and assets into the US.  The United States and the IRS do not have any reciprocal agreements with China and many far east countries providing opportunities for reduced tax exposure to those who are able to maneuver through the complex challenges of relocating offshore capital.

Allen Barron provides international tax advice to local, regional, national and international businesses here in San Diego.  We are a single-source legal, tax, trust and estate planning, accounting and business advisory company who provide higher level perspectives and advice for sophisticated investors and business owners.  Do you have offshore accounts and investments?  Does your San Diego or Southern California border conduct cross-border business with Mexico, Canada and countries around the world?  What makes the US the new tax haven is our own reluctance to provide economic transparency to many nations and sovereign tax agencies around the world.

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