These are volatile times and planning for the risks of a cross border business in San Diego has never been more important.  Signals from Washington have been mixed, yet the probability of a border tax continues to loom for US based businesses here in San Diego.  How will future developments affect these companies as well as mexican businesses with American ties and the maquiladoras that serve them?  How will business between Mexico and the US look in 3 months?  6 months?

Allen Barron provides a unique blend of legal, business, tax and accounting expertise to provide a high-level broader perspective on these challenges balanced by the informed experience of a partner with experience running multi-national enterprises.  The challenges facing cross-border businesses are quite complex and will require insight into many aspects such as:

  • The structure of the company or affiliated companies
  • The volatility of non-US banking and the ability to repatriate income
  • The tax implications of business production and transactions
  • The flexibility and internal data to make informed decisions quickly
  • The movement of goods and services across international borders and between affiliated enterprises

The experienced international business consultants, business and tax attorneys, accounting and tax preparation teams at Allen Barron provide sound advice and valuable services in this ever-changing environment.  Many companies have to rely on multiple separate business professionals to provide consultation, corporate legal advice, international legal insight, accounting expertise and tax planning and compliance services.  Each professional or group has limited perspective based upon their expertise, but few are able to assemble the various pieces of the puzzle to provide sound guidance on decisions that will impact not only taxation and resulting profit margins but the survival of the underlying business(es).  Allen Barron provides broader expertise and perspective while reducing costs through economies of scale and counsel resulting in improved business decision making.

Are you involved in cross border business in San Diego attempting to prepare options for the future while minimizing the impact of taxation and securing additional profit?  We invite you to contact us for a free consultation at 866-631-3470.  Learn about the depth of international business, legal and tax experience and expertise Allen Barron can contribute to your international business efforts.  Draw upon our expertise to prepare your business at every level for the seemingly inevitable changes on the horizon.


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