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More Trouble for the California Board of Equalization

There is more trouble for the California Board of Equalization or BOE on the immediate horizon.  The California state agency is responsible for the collection of one-third of all California taxes including sales and use taxes, while carrying responsibility for many property tax issues as well as over 30 other “special taxes and fees.”  Allen Barron often represents corporate and business clients before the Board of Equalization regarding sales and use tax audits and other matters.  Concerns have been raised in several quarters regarding the effectiveness of the agency, the tactics of its representatives and the manner with which budget dollars are disbursed.

Today, the California State Controller Betty Yee, who served as one of the BOE’s four district members since 2006 prior to her election to the State Controller’s office in 2014, said California lawmakers should “strip the embattled Board of Equalization of much of its authority” and create a new state department to manage dozens of tax and fee related programs.  A recent audit found several accounting related issues as well as questions regarding the utilization of agency funds as well as fear among the agencies civil servants if they failed to please California elected officials.

This week another board member, Fiona Ma, used the same audit to ask Governor Brown to appoint a public trustee to manage the BOE.

“Californians should have confidence that their hard-earned tax dollars are being invested and managed in a responsible and transparent manner,” Senator Richard Roth, chairman of the Senate’s subcommittee on state administration and general government, said in a written statement. “The issues outlined in the (Finance) audit are deeply troubling, especially given the Board of Equalization’s tax collection and oversight role, and deserve thorough review.”

How does the recent trouble for the California Board of Equalization affect you or your company?  If you are facing a sales and use tax BOE audit or another business or personal tax audit the experienced California tax and IRS audit attorneys at Allen Barron can represent you and protect your interests.  We will aggressively stand up to the BOE and other state and federal agencies to advocate on behalf of your interest.  We invite you to contact us or call 866-631-3470 for a free consultation.