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Preparing an Appeal During an IRS Audit

Preparing an Appeal During an IRS Audit – San Diego Tax Attorney

Have you thought of preparing an appeal during an IRS audit?  One of the most important elements of representing you in an IRS audit is the work we do to prepare for an appeal during the course of the audit itself.  The first issue to understand is the importance of ensuring that every important financial detail (from our point of view) is included in the “record” of the audit.  You are not able to add any additional information, financial data or supporting reports once the IRS auditor issues the final “Notice of Determination” in your audit.

Preparing an appeal during an IRS audit is an important part of a sound IRS audit strategy.  It is always important to keep the path open to an appeal, as well as tax court itself to let the IRS know we mean business.  There are usually several points during an audit where we take an important issue to the IRS appeals manager, who provides input and guidance to the auditor.  Auditors call the appeals process the “candy store”, due in large part to the substantial reductions which are often given to the taxpayer at the appellate level.

More importantly, preparing an appeal during an IRS audit allows us to gain upper management’s perspective and influence on an auditor who may not understand the underlying accounting principles , laws or tax theory that we are arguing.  It may surprise you to learn IRS auditors are neither experts in general accounting principles or the US or California tax codes.  This is one of the principle reasons it is so important to ensure that your representation in an audit is not just a CPA or tax advisor, but an experienced, proven legal tax attorney such as Janathan Allen.

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