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Supply Chain Management and Well Crafted Contracts Ensure Business Flows Smoothly

If your company purchases goods and services from other sources or vendors and integrates them into a manufactured product or integrated product bundle it is important to implement sound supply chain management.  Effective supply chain management encompasses every aspect of planning, purchasing, accounting, tax planning, production, and ultimately selling the goods and services your company provides.  A thorough analysis of the supply chain identifies opportunities for reducing costs, increasing speed and efficiency, and reducing tax implications that must be incorporated into the “cost” of each product or service bundle you create.

Allen Barron provides a unique blend of services and expertise to increase the productivity and profitability of your supply chain management.  Our proprietary Network Procurement® Process and our Synchronous Management ® Process have been applied to more than $75 billion worth of agreements in 36 countries, delivering significant savings to our clients through a more effectively focused and diverse supply chain integration process.

Well crafted contracts are the back bone of effective supply chain performance.  Ensuring just-in-time delivery of goods and services at the lowest possible cost while protecting the quality and integrity of the integrated products or services maximizes profitability and control for our clients.  Contact Allen Barron for a complimentary and comprehensive initial consultation regarding your supply chain management issues at 866-631-3470.