The structure of a business contract has a substantial impact on the quality of the transaction, and the likelihood of a successful outcome.  A well drafted business contract clearly establishes the role of each party, the goods and/or services to be exchanged and the value of the contract.  Contracts that are downloaded from a website or modified on the fly to fit situations will not suffice if any sort of dispute arises between the parties.

After decades of working with business clients I can tell you one thing for certain: business disputes will develop, and often when you least expect them.  If you are involved in business, you will eventually become involved in a dispute, and the quality of the underlying contract will go a long way to determining several factors including:

  • The duration of the dispute
  • The expense of the dispute
  • The control  you have over the outcome
  • The likelihood that important relationships can be preserved

This is why it is so important to seek the advice and contract negotiation and development skills of Allen Barron’s experienced business attorneys.  We develop strong contracts that anticipate potential issues before they happen, and guide the parties through unexpected bumps in the road.  Our business contracts establish a clear game plan for the transaction, and guide the parties through to a successful completion.

If you are involved in business in San Diego, the structure of a business contract can determine the success of your business.  Contact us for a free consultation at 866-631-3470.

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