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Trust Disputes in San Diego Require a Seasoned Attorney

Negotiating a Commercial Lease in San Diego

Trust disputes in San Diego require a seasoned attorney with expertise not only in California trust law, but accounting and tax expertise as well.  The attorneys at Allen Barron, led by Janathan Allen are uniquely positioned to provide insight into your concerns, and provide a comprehensive financial, legal and tax analysis as part of our service in your trust litigation case.  Trust disputes are quite common as the nature of a trust itself and the wishes of a grantor are often quite sensitive.  During the estate planning process, the grantor of the trust may establish guidelines to protect their heirs and beneficiaries, especially in cases of addiction or youthful inexperience.  This can seem a bit harsh, especially when responses are coming from a stern trustee.

There are times that a trustee is acting in accordance with the directions contained within the trust documents, and there are times where the actions of the trustee are simply unreasonable.  How can you know the difference?  Beneficiaries can become quite concerned about the actions of a trustee, and when you are concerned about mismanagement of assets, or the use of those assets for personal benefit it is time to step in and take immediate action to protect your interests and those of the trust itself.

Trustees have extensive responsibilities, and are responsible for organization and proper valuation of all assets of the trust, as well as managing those assets to preserve them and increase their value.  They are also responsible for communicating the intentions of the grantor, providing timely and responsive reporting and ensuring that assets are properly distributed in accordance with the instructions of the trust.

Trust disputes in San Diego can be quite complex.  If you feel the trustee has been unfair or are concerned about the lack of responsiveness, poor or non-existent reporting or signs of mismanagement we invite you to contact the experienced trust litigation and dispute resolution attorneys at Allen Barron for a free consultation at 866-631-3470.  We will work together to get to the bottom of the issues at hand, and resolve the dispute based upon your goals and objectives.