Why do so many San Diegans put off estate planning and establishing a trust for their home and assets?  Quite simply, in my experience its as simple as they don’t want to face the reality of their own mortality.  Unfortunately, the failure to undertake estate planning leaves a complicated and expensive mess for your beneficiaries and heirs.  This isn’t just about taking a little bit of time to establish a plan and to protect your accounts, home and assets.  It is about getting your affairs in order, providing for your children and family and the causes you feel strongly about.

Lets consider the artist Prince.  He left no will, and had no legal trusts to protect his vast wealth, intellectual property (music rights) or even his own home.  What will happen?  Everything is thrown into Probate Court, where attorneys will battle for years with a multitude of plaintiffs who come forward claiming to have an interest in the estate.  His family will not receive the majority of his estate, and his music will pass into the hands of strangers who will be able to do what ever they wish with that music and the rights to it.  All because Prince refused to take a few hours out of his life to put his affairs in order.  Even when his jet made an emergency landing to save his life in the week before his passing, it still wasn’t obvious to him.

Are you the type of person who learns lessons through the experience of others?  Do you have an estate plan?  If you own a home, no matter how much equity you have in that house is it protected by a trust?  Have you provided specific instructions that will eliminate many of the costs associated with property and asset transfers, preserving as much as possible for those you love and the causes you care about?  No one wants to leave a mess behind that their family and the courts will have to clean up.

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