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How Successful Will Your New San Diego Company Be? Look at Your Business Contracts

Efficient and Effective San Diego Business Attorneys

How successful will your new San Diego company be?  The clearest forecast of any new business is the quality of their business contracts and the clarity they bring to all aspects of running a company such as:

  • Employment Agreements
  • Corporate Policies and Procedures
  • Contracts with Suppliers and Vendors
  • Sales Agreements
  • Service Contracts
  • Independent Contractor Agreements

The business contract is literally the foundation of American business.  All business is conducted (or at least it should be) based upon a written contract, and the quality of that contract will establish the road map for the transaction or relationship and the steps to success.  Disagreements and business litigation arises out of areas of a business relationship or transaction that is vague or unclear.  This is the reason for contracts.  A contract establishes the parties and what they are to contribute, as well as the “benefit of the bargain” they expect to receive.  Well constructed business contracts should anticipate every foreseeable obstacle to success and establish the process through which disputes and challenges will be handled and resolved, as well as a specific description of how products or services are to be provided and the time frame covered by the agreement.

Business contracts protect your valued business relationships.  These relationships are essential not only to the creation and delivery of your products and services, but your ability to sustain performance over a long period of time.  When business contracts are unclear, written by non-attorneys or downloaded from the web and modified by the parties they leave gaping legal holes that must be resolved through expensive and time consuming litigation.  The attorneys at Allen Barron are experienced contract lawyers, and craft agreements that protect your interests while reducing exposure to and likelihood of dispute.

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