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Wishing Our Clients and all of San Diego a Happy Thanksgiving

The team of Allen Barron joins together in wishing our clients and all of San Diego a Happy Thanksgiving.  However you choose to celebrate the holiday during this year of the pandemic, we hope you be safe and enjoy a Happy Thanksgiving.

The year has brought one of the most significant health, business and economic challenges our country has ever faced.  COVID-19 challenges are again on the rise and threaten to affect the commerce and enjoyment associated with a traditional holiday season for many businesses.

There are still many things to be thankful for amidst these challenges.  While many sectors of local, national and international business have strained to survive the impact of the pandemic, other businesses have adapted and found a way to serve their customers.

The Zoom, Skype and video conferences which have become a part of many business strategies can serve as the model for connecting with family and friends today.

We are wishing our clients and all of San Diego a Happy Thanksgiving with hope for a brighter future.  We are most thankful for our clients, and the opportunity to be of service to the San Diego, national and international business community.  This area is home to a unique blend of military and civilian business opportunities, engineering and cutting edge technology sectors, health care, dining and entertainment and corporate interests.

This year has surprisingly brought continued improvements in real estate values.  Transactional planning is still the best tax strategy for organizing and protecting your investments and assets while reducing overall tax exposure.

The echoes of our politics, social justice and the impact of a catastrophic pandemic will resonate in our hearts and minds whenever we think of 2020.

However, we also need to be thankful for one another, and remain focused upon the hope of vaccination and a return to some form of normalcy in 2021.  Allen Barron continues to adapt and evolve to serve our clients in order to help them to succeed in whatever challenges they face through the end of 2020 and into the future.

We are thankful hope you and your family are experiencing prosperity this season and throughout the year.  We are most thankful for our customers, and look forward to being of service to such a vibrant and resilient local, national and international community of clients and friends.  We look forward to a better future, while being thankful for today and wishing our clients and all of San Diego a Happy Thanksgiving.