The Art of any Business Transaction

San Diego Business Transaction AttorneyThe business transaction is the essence of commerce here in Southern California and around the world.  There is an art to a successful business transaction.  Multiple parties are coming together to accomplish a purpose which is mutually beneficial, in search of what is legally known as “the benefit of the bargain.”  Business contracts form the foundation of any successful business transaction.  The underlying contract serves effectively as a road map which guides the parties through the business transaction while anticipating unexpected developments and problems and how the parties will work through these to reach a successful conclusion.

Most business transactions are more complex than meets the eye. In approaching an important deal, there may be many factors you haven’t thought about. You want to avoid making assumptions or ignoring potential issues which could prove to be problematic down the road.  A contractual transaction or the preparation to execute or fulfill one’s resulting obligations often blur the lines between multiple disciplines including:

  • Legal Issues
  • Taxation
  • Accounting
  • Business Process
  • Personnel

From a risk management perspective (and any other perspective), every business transaction needs to be handled with expert care. Smart businesses want an expert on their side who can integrate these various perspectives to provide better insight and ultimately create a better structure to facilitate the underlying relationship or transaction.

Protecting Your Deal. Protecting Your Vision.

At Allen Barron, Inc., we believe transactional success is not so much a matter of what to do but of how to think about business. We approach business transactions in a holistic, pragmatic way. We take pains to help our clients consider all the important aspects of a deal — legal, tax, accounting and more — before they pull the trigger.

The law firm of Janathan L. Allen, APC provides transactional legal services to companies, families and individuals. If you are seeking an experienced business transaction lawyer, talk to us.

We believe good planning is key. Let us help you protect your deal, and your vision.

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