There has been a change in leadership at the California Board of Equalization or BOE.  The new Executive Director David Gau is a graduate of San Diego State University.  Director Gau began as an auditor with the BOE in 1981, and has contributed at many levels throughout the BOE, most recently as Chief Deputy Director.  The BOE is responsible for collecting and distributing more than $60 Billion in California taxes annually, including sales and use taxes.

The Board’s former Director, Cynthia Bridges, was assigned to be a consultant through June 30.  Recent changes in the leadership of the Board follow questions regarding lax oversight of employee travel expenses, and the questionable payment of $47 Billion in retail sales tax collections to California’s general fund in 2015.  The apparent over-payment left other funds short of needed funds.  The BOE regularly audits businesses and their collection and payment of both sales tax and use tax.  The selection of Director Gau demonstrates a commitment to the importance of the Board’s auditing functions, and the increasing collections of tax revenues for California.

All California businesses should work with their accountants and tax attorneys to ensure appropriate collection of payment of California sales and use tax.  How should a business structure its own purchases, and the sale of goods and merchandise to minimize tax burdens?  Allen Barron is uniquely positioned to serve San Diego businesses, and to protect them during regular California Board of Equalization audits.  Allen Barron combines the experience and expertise of a CPA and full accounting services, with a seasoned tax legal team with expertise in sales and use tax, state tax, federal taxes and the IRS and international tax matters.

This single source approach allows Allen Barron to provide insight into all aspects of a business and its operations, while providing extensive and informed advice and counsel across all aspects of a business and its operations.  Most businesses would have two or three vendors to provide all of the services available through a single source: Allen Barron.  If you face a BOE audit, or have questions about business taxes or accounting we invite you to contact us for a free consultation at 866-631-3470.


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