The administration is planning a major speech for tomorrow to begin the national conversation on corporate tax cuts and a new tax plan for US business and personal interests.  The present consensus is light on specifics and heavy on the need to deliver substantial tax cuts before the end of the year in anticipation of the 2018 election cycle.  Fortunately for San Diego and cross-border businesses throughout the southwest, the border tax discussion seems to have ended.  NAFTA conversations are in full swing and this appears to be a more likely venue for change as it applies to international businesses.

The central discussion will focus on “tax reform” versus “tax cuts.”  In the coming months Congress will wrestle to come up with what is termed a “neutral tax bill” which would raise some taxes while reducing others.  Most believe this option will be unsuccessful and ultimately the legislators will focus on a tax cut bill.  The challenges of resolving differences on the budget and avoiding a government shutdown must be addressed.  The next challenge will be to pass a bill with a straight majority without increasing long-run budget deficits.  This is a monumental task.

Will we see corporate tax cuts and a new tax plan in 2017?  How will our state legislature impact California business taxes in the future?  The integrated tax, legal, accounting and business advisory services at Allen Barron help guide clients through these turbulent waters.  Today’s business climate requires the ability to make sound, informed business decisions quickly and accurately.

In order to accomplish this, business owners must balance the impact of decision on many aspects of the company and it’s operations as well as potential financial implications.  Allen Barron’s integrated professionals provide a higher level insight into each challenge you face.  We help you to understand the impact of any decision upon every aspect of your business while guiding you through the financial, tax, legal and business aspects of the challenge at hand.  Presently, many businesses rely on 4 or 5 separate professional disciplines from separate businesses and professional practices to provide their limited perspective.  How do you balance the legal implications of a challenge with the tax and financial consequences?  What impact will these decisions have upon business operations and inter-company decisions and complications such as transfer pricing and realization of international profit?

We invite you leverage economies of scale and increase your ability to find integrated counsel to resolve complex issues and challenges efficiently and successfully.  We invite you to contact Allen Barron for a free consultation at 866-631-3470 to discuss your present business challenges and opportunities, as well as the impact of projected corporate tax cuts and a new tax plan yet to come.



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