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ABCast Episode 6 – Tax Services

Episode 18 - International Tax Strategies and Forms

We invite you to listen to ABCast Episode 6 – Tax Services as Jan and Neil discuss the domestic and international tax services provided by Allen Barron.

In ABCast Episode 6 – Tax Services the conversation focuses upon the wide variety of tax related services provided by Allen Barron, Inc. This includes preparation of California (and other US states), IRS and international tax returns.  It is important to carefully plan and structure not only when income is realized, but where and how it is characterized.  Jan discusses the use of PIGs and PALs as well as entities to recharacterize income in a manner which reduces tax exposure.

One of the risks for any taxpayer is an audit. The podcast discusses important tips for taxpayers facing an IRS or California audit.  The power of the IRS is legendary, but did you know California’s tax agencies, including the FTB, EDD and CDTFA are quite aggressive during audits.  Did you know it is important to be careful not to provide the IRS or California tax agency with too much information in response to their inquiries?  Did you know it might be possible for you to not even have to speak directly with the tax agency who is auditing you?  Imagine the stress relief and peace of mind of having Allen Barron manage the process on your behalf.

Did you know that US taxpayers including US Expats are required to report all income, worldwide, regardless of when it is realized, or where?  What are the most important strategies for managing domestic and international tax exposures?  How can you employ the transactional planning services of Allen Barron to protect your assets and minimize tax exposure?

We invite you to listen to ABCast Episode 6 – Tax Services and hope you enjoy learning more about the tax services provided by Janathan L. Allen, APC as a part of the integrated offerings of Allen Barron, Inc.  We invite you to meet with experienced San Diego tax attorney Janathan Allen by contacting Allen Barron, or call 866-631-3470 to schedule a free consultation.

ABCast Episode 6 - Tax Services

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