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Business Contracts are the Foundation of Your Company

The foundation of business transactions are contracts.  Without contracts, business relationships falter, agreements are less than clear, expectations are not met and disputes arise.  A sound business manager ensures that the company has effective contracts for every are of the business including:

  • employee relationships
  • employment handbooks, policies and procedures
  • contracts with vendors and suppliers
  • sales contracts and financing agreements
  • corporate documents and bylaws
  • contracts to license intellectual property

At Allen Barron, our business and corporate attorneys have the breadth of experience and legal expertise to negotiate, draft or review the business contracts that form the foundation of your company’s transactions.  We ensure that terms are clear, and that each party is smoothly guided through the transaction to a successful conclusion.

Many young business professionals and entrepreneurs try to download contracts from forms sites, or copy some other contract from a former company or off the internet.  These contracts are simply a legal quagmire, and when a dispute erupts it takes far more time (and expense) to unravel the agreements, communications, intent of the parties, and interpretations of the contract than its worth.  Litigation can disrupt profitability and even threaten the survival of your company.

If you are looking for business attorneys who can help to negotiate, draft and review strong business contracts and protect your interests we invite you to contact us for a free consultation at 866-631-3470.