Resolving Commercial and Business Litigation in San Diego

Business to business disputes are quite common in San Diego. Without proper dispute management and ultimately resolution a seemingly minor business to business dispute can develop into significant litigation exposing your company to contingent liabilities while distracting key executives from the primary focus of your business. Business to business disputes damage valuable business relationships, disrupt work in progress and may ultimately damage your reputation or place your own company at risk.

There are many reasons why business disputes develop. What is the best strategy for resolving a business to business dispute in San Diego? The experienced commercial and business litigation team at Allen Barron each have decades of experience resolving business to business disputes throughout southern California. This experience and our legal skill informs the advice and counsel we provide to our clients as we work to resolve these challenges, restore crucial business relationships and eliminate the concern and distraction of pending litigation or a lawsuit.

What is Your Desired Outcome?

The first step in the process is to determine your objectives and how you would like to see the dispute resolved. Is time the crucial element in the equation, or is it the underlying value of the relationship which concerns you most? What risks do you face, and what portion of the “benefit of the bargain” do you believe is at risk? The goals we establish will determine much of the strategy deployed to resolve a business to business dispute. Our experience and informed insight help you to gain a realistic understanding of your position in the dispute while fully understanding the options available to resolve it.

Negotiation is The Fastest and Least Expensive Strategy

Our commercial and business litigation attorneys are highly skilled negotiators. Most business to business disputes are resolved through skilled negotiation. It is often in the best interests of all parties to work through the dispute, find common ground, develop a new plan to work through the challenges which have arisen and get the transaction or relationship moving forward again to a profitable conclusion. In many cases there has simply been an unforeseeable development which disrupted the process. Our attorneys are often able to negotiate a successful resolution based upon the objectives you’ve established.


There are occasions where parties are dug into their positions or where genuine and principled disagreement exists. How are these issues resolved by Allen Barron’s commercial and business litigation team? Mediation is one alternative to taking the case to trial. In mediation, the parties select a neutral third party (the mediator) who works to help each to understand the other’s position and to identify options for resolving the issue(s) in dispute. We represent our clients in business to business dispute mediation, providing sound counsel through the discussions and influence upon the ultimate outcome.


Arbitration is specified by many contracts and is often a less expensive and more expedient path than pursuing a trial in a local court. Arbitration is much more structured than mediation and it is important to work with our experienced attorneys to ensure the best possible outcome. You only have one opportunity in an arbitration, as the ruling of the arbitrator is usually final and binding upon the parties (except in extreme situations involving fraud or collusion). This is the advantage of arbitration – you know your case will be resolved and the skill and expertise of your attorneys will have an impact on the outcome in your case.

When a solution cannot be negotiated or achieved through mediation or arbitration Allen Barron’s skilled trial attorneys pursue your interests in trial. We prepare every case for trial from the outset. This knowledge and the reputations of our commercial and business litigation team informs the other side you mean business and you have serious power on your side of the equation. These facts increase the likelihood of a successful resolution of business to business disputes before reaching trial.

Proven Successful Resolution of Business to Business Disputes

We handle all types of business disputes in San Diego and southern California. If you are involved in business to business disputes or a lawsuit we invite you to contact Allen Barron or call 866-631-3470 to schedule a free consultation. Learn about our skill and experience in the issues you are facing, and the proven tactics and legal strategies which will bring the matter to a timely and cost-effective resolution.