San Diego Partnership Dispute Resolution Attorneys

Allen Barron and our integrated legal, tax, accounting and business advisory services professionals have served the needs of San Diego partnerships for decades. A partnership dispute or disagreement between individual partners or management can be a costly and disruptive burden on your business. Our skilled commercial and business litigation attorneys work to protect and resolve the legal and financial considerations of business partners and management teams in a variety of conflicts and legal issues.

Allen Barron represents family members, business owners and partners in a business or professional partnership involved in any number of disputes. We work to quickly and efficiently negotiate a resolution to your partnership dispute and, when possible, work to repair the damage to underlying crucial relationships. In cases of principled disagreement or seemingly unresolvable conflicts, mediation may serve as a timely and cost-effective alternative to litigation. Our skilled attorney represent you and your interests through the process of mediation and work to minimize the impact of the dispute on you, personally, as well as the ongoing operations of your company.

When it is not possible to arrive at a positive resolution of your partnership dispute through negotiation or mediation, we have the experience and proven legal skills to pursue arbitration or trial to help to achieve your goals.

Partnership Conflict Dispute Resolution

Allen Barron’s team of partnership dispute resolution lawyers has the skill and experience necessary to seek a successful resolution to your dispute, including but not limited to:

  • Accusations of Fraud, Commingling or Misappropriation of Funds
  • Partnership Disputes and Disagreements
  • Breach of Contract
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty
  • Business Lawsuits / Disputes
  • Business Purchase / Sale or Dissolution Disputes
  • Buy / Sell Agreement Disputes

Once we understand the unique circumstances of your case and your personal objectives, we will work to ensure a resolution that protects your financial interests as well as those of your business. We are sensitive to the politics and complex dynamics which exist between family members, friends and business associates in a partnership. Together we will discuss your legal options and provide sound advice and insight into the best strategy to resolve your partnership dispute and move forward.

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We will work together to reduce the distractions your partnership dispute has wrought, and to successfully resolve the underlying issues so you can move forward with your business and personal life.