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Full Service Accounting, CPA and Bookkeeping Support

Accounting Services San DiegoBusiness owners have many misconceptions about accounting. One is that anyone with QuickBooks can do accounting. Another is that a CPA can supply all of the expertise your company needs. Either approach can lead to costly mistakes.

How many times have you searched for someone who knows as much about your business as you do?  Accounting systems are critical to successful business operations.  They should capture the details of every facet of your organization, and inform critical business decisions at every stage in a company’s formation and growth.  These integrated financial systems should provide critical up-to-date information to decision making “dashboards” that provide insight at a glance to business owners and corporate management teams.

Accounting Services Integrate with Business, Legal and Tax Related Decisions

Accounting systems also provide the data for tax compliance and filings.  Accounting, tax, and legal services are inter-related disciplines that serve a company and its management team.  Wouldn’t it be more productive and profitable if your CPA, accounting staff, business advisers, and business and tax attorneys were all on the same page, providing insightful counsel based on a “unified” vision of your business?

Allen Barron, Inc. and Janathan L. Allen, APC is designed to provided leveraged economies of scale, while increasing the inter-related business, accounting, tax and legal expertise of your company advisers.  provides integrated tax, accounting and financial advisory services to business owners. With offices in San Diego, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Phoenix, we represent clients in California and nationwide. As an experienced tax attorney, Janathan Allen provides the protections of attorney-client privilege while applying extensive tax knowledge to your accounting needs.

For more information about the accounting services we provide, please choose from the following:

  • Full-service accounting: We provide a full range of accounting and bookkeeping services to ensure your business is in compliance with all federal and state tax laws and regulations. Many companies have a goal of minimizing taxation. However, accounting mistakes can lead to audits and tax disputes that will cost you more money in the end.
  • Internal audit services: Our team of lawyers and accounting professionals conducts risk assessments, executes internal audit plans, and assists with special projects for public and private companies.
  • Forensic accounting: Our forensic accountants not only look at the numbers but also detect and interpret evidence of abnormal phenomena introduced into the books of a business. This can help you in audits, disputes and litigation.
  • Financial statements: We prepare financial statements with regard to prepaid expenses, balance sheets, budgeting and forecasting, and cash flow. We can also help you create management reports that identify problems areas and help you improve operating results.

Accounting is about more than numbers. It’s about how you use the numbers to move your business forward. Our team provides you the insight and seasoned counsel and expertise needed based upon extensive business, legal, tax and accounting expertise and services necessary to support the goals of your business.

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For more information or to discuss your accounting needs, talk to us. Call 866-631-3470 for a free and confidential initial consultation.  Learn about the importance of integrated business strategy and coordination across legal, tax and accounting systems.

Our accounting services are provided under the authority of California Business and Professions Code Section 5052, and a state license is not required.