Menu Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) refers to process and techniques of resolving disputes outside of formal litigation. The most common types of ADR are mediation and arbitration.


Business and Corporate AttorneysMediation is a non-binding form of dispute resolution that works well for minor disputes. The mediator engages in shuttle diplomacy to formulate a solution that is acceptable to both sides. It has one major disadvantage: If the mediator fails to find a common ground, the dispute moves back to the litigation track. As a result, it works well for minor disputes. It does not work as well with intractable disputes or unreasonable parties.


Arbitration is a binding form of dispute resolution. It permits parties to submit their dispute to an independent third party that functions much like a judge. The arbitrator listens to the facts and then renders a judgment. It has one drawback: The arbitration is conducted much like a trial, and is not as conducive to reaching a creative or mutually beneficial compromise to a business dispute.

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