Are you facing an IRS trust fund penalty or audit? Many small companies struggle to stay on top of their payroll tax obligations. When a business fails to pay taxes withheld for Medicare and Social Security (which are referred to as trust fund taxes), the ramifications can be serious. The IRS can seize or put liens on property and go after the personal assets of business owners. The threat of these penalties should be addressed urgently.

If an IRS revenue officer has contacted you for an interview, it is time to seek the advice of a qualified tax attorney. Our firm can advise and represent you in matters related to trust fund penalties.

Insight and Damage Control

At Janathan L. Allen, APC, we provide our clients with valuable insight and practical solutions to problematic tax matters. Equipped with decades of relevant experience, we can help you tackle difficulties related to payroll taxes:

  • Tax liens and levies that threaten your personal financial stability
  • Problems experienced by a family-owned company
  • A situation involving a company controller or officer who embezzled
  • A business that continues to operate during a trust fund tax controversy
  • Older trust fund penalties that the IRS is now attempting to collect
  • State tax controversies

In general, the goal of IRS investigations is to incriminate the business or individual being investigated. Without proper legal representation, it is difficult to defend yourself.

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Seeking a knowledgeable tax lawyer in San Diego or elsewhere in Southern California? We can answer your questions about IRS trust fund penalty issues. We invite you to contact Allen Barron or call us for a free consultation at 866-631-3470. Learn more about the process of protecting your business interests with the IRS. Ask about the attorney-client privilege and how Allen Barron’s integrated legal, tax and accounting services can help you to solve the challenges you face.

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