Structuring a Public or Private Offering of Equity or Debt

public or private offering attorneyA public or private offering of equity or debt must be carefully crafted. Federal and state laws closely mandate the structure, nature and substance of a public or private offering of equity or debt.

Whether you are looking to have investors put their resources or talent into your company or you are looking to invest in a business opportunity yourself, you need to know the laws that will govern the investment. The court system is clogged with investors and investees who thought they knew what they were getting into. Furthermore, the tax ramifications of a failed investment can go beyond just the loss of the investment itself.

If a business opportunity has presented itself to you as an investor or buyer, make sure you perform the due diligence necessary to protect yourself. Make sure you know how to approach the investment. Talk to an attorney with the right experience.

Help Raising Capital | Help Fixing Problems

San Diego Business Transaction AttorneyAt Janathan L. Allen, APC, our lawyers represent companies and individuals who wish to raise capital, as well as individual investors who have lost money on bad investments. We have decades of experience in matters with state, federal and international tax implications. We can provide advice regarding:

  • Entity formation and its impact on a business and individual-tax level
  • Proper subscription agreements: We can write airtight subscription agreements at a lower cost than that charged by other firms, without the risk that a templated agreement can bring.
  • The need to vet a prospective buyer, investor or investment
  • Fraud-related litigation involving investments
  • Proper accounting procedures

Personal Retirement Accounts

When companies are raising money, investors might dip into their personal retirement accounts, thinking that they are making a legitimate investment. If the entity was not set up properly, though, and the investment turns out to be poor, it can result in the loss of the funds invested and the penalties that can come with the early withdrawal of the retirement accounts.

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