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Critical Performance Review
Your critical performance review provides a thorough analysis of existing performance and sound strategy for moving forward to accomplish important goals and objectives.

This three- to four-week critical performance review program will provide an analysis and review of the key metrics of the company’s performance. It concludes with a tactical workshop that can provide the basis and business strategy for fundamental improvement in achieving the company’s goals and objectives. This simple five-step program requires minimum involvement of senior management, but can be very effective in identifying fundamental which that are impeding achieving the company’s progress.

5 Steps in Allen Barron’s Critical Performance Review

Step 1)
Interview senior management in a one-on-one session to gain a clear understanding of the key goals and objectives of the company.

Step 2) Collect key financial, sales and marketing data for further offsite analysis.

Step 3) Have all key staff complete the Business Assessment Survey (BAS). This is a confidential questionnaire that is compiled offsite and does not identify the individuals completing it.

Step 4) All information is then reviewed, analyzed and prepared for the critical performance review workshop.

Step 5) At the one or two day workshop, this data is presented and reviewed. This dynamic setting allows for the presentation of data and questions of cause and effect, along with dynamic and creative solutions and a business plan to allow the company to achieve its objectives.

The final critical performance review report provides the senior management with a road map for changes that will have an immediate impact on the performance of the company. The timeframe for implementing and measuring these changes is usually six to 12 months. If these changes are followed up internally, they can become the catalyst for dynamic change within the organization.

This also provides the option for continued involvement of our MAS team to assist in implementation of these action plans, over a longer timeframe, to achieve the company’s long-term objectives.

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