Attorney to Advise Trustees and Executors in San Diego

Estate matters can be complicated for everyone involved. Janathan L. Allen, APC can advise and represent you regarding issues related to wills, trusts and other aspects of estate planning and administration.

What Should I Expect From A Trustee Or Executor?

If you are a beneficiary or another party in a trust or estate matter, it can help to understand what role a trustee or executor will be playing or should be playing. Our firm can assist you in:

  • Understanding and asserting your legal rights (or the rights of a loved one) as a trust beneficiary
  • Addressing disagreements with a trustee or executor who may be a relative
  • Choosing a trustee from within a family or from outside
  • Wisely handling a litigated trust matter with the help of a knowledgeable attorney

What Are My Responsibilities As A Trustee Or Executor?

As a trustee or executor of an estate, you have been charged with certain responsibilities, which you may not fully understand. Our firm can advise you regarding your role in administering a trust or will, and we can represent you in resolving a contested will or trust matter.

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