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Vanessa Del Rosario


Vanessa del Rosario has enjoyed a successful career in customer client services in a variety of settings, including a marketing firm, non-profit, law firm and as an entrepreneur. At Allen Barron, Del Rosario is responsible for the overall management of client engagement, managing client’s expectations, building new and maintaining existing client relationships, and ensuring that our client projects are implemented according to plan, developing and managing the project’s scope and budget to meet client and company objectives.


Vanessa, a native San Diegan, began her career as a business owner/wedding event planner with a full-service planning model, successfully managing budgets, problem-solving and adding special touches to her clients’ “Special Day”. Seeking professional growth and progress, Del Rosario joined a non-profit leadership coaching foundation as an Event Production Coordinator, and later with a San Diego land law firm as an Administrative Manager/Controller where she developed crucial leadership skills that complement her ability to concurrently manage multiple projects while learning about processes, values, sustainable growth and personal fulfillment.


Del Rosario is an avid advocate for the Earth and sustainability policies – not only following practices, but encouraging her community and workplace to promote healthy environments through recycling practices, and educating fellow co-workers about advanced recycling with a call to action about how to divert plastic waste from landfills.


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Event Production & Management

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